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Jean Marie Pfaff paints the living room and kitchen of Sam Goris en Kelly Pfaff as a suprise for their home coming…

If that’s not a nice surprise from the sympathetic father Jean Marie Pfaff!

Due to an unexpected problem with the chimney of the fireplace, shortly before departure abroad, the kitchen and living room of Sam Goris and Kelly Pfaff suddenly looked black with soot. Not nice looking forward to come home like this.

Jean Marie Pfaff as a good sympathetic father rolled up his sleeves and painted the kitchen and living room in white with Levi’s Ceiling Paint with his own hands.

The Levis Isoprim proved to be a perfect solution, as this stain-covering primer can be applied directly to acetone-cleaned soot stains.

Jean Marie Pfaff ordered his Levis paint from, and was very pleased with the fast service. Ordered at 7:30 am and delivered at 9:30 am with advice. The guys from PaintDeals even helped a little with the painting.

That must have been a nice surprise for Sam Goris and Kelly Pfaff when they got home.

Thank you JM Pfaff!