SAFECLEAN BIO 1 – All Cleaner Wall & Ceiling – Detergent

Environmentally and user friendly water based degreaser or concentrated cleaning detergent


SAFECLEAN BIO 1 is a super concentrated cleaning detergeent and degreaser specially developed for professionals. SAFECLEAN BIO 1 effortlessly removes all dirt, e.g.: nicotine, soot, atmospheric deposits, radiator dirt, soap and wax layers, grease and oil,…

SAFECLEAN BIO 1 may be used on all surfaces, such as paint, walls, floors, plastic, glass, sealed wood, stainless steel, aluminum, kitchen and garden furniture, outdoor and garage floors, as well as garage doors, shutters, PVC windows, gates and heck

Ideal for refreshing, cleaning and stripping painted or varnished surfaces before applying a new coat of paint. After treatment, the new coat of paint will adhere better to the surface. Also suitable for washable wallpaper.

Suitable for use in high pressure systems of the “Karcher” type. Main features Multi-surfaces: a product for many applications.

Has a pleasant smell: fresh impression.

Low foaming product: can be used in a pressure washer.

At normal doses, rinsing is not necessary.

Contains no ammonia or chlorine

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Intended usesCleaning, Degreasing, Detergent, remove stains, cleaning agent, cleaning solvent, water based degreaser, water based cleanser, cleaning detergent, clean before painting, industrial cleaning


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