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This category provides specialized technical advice for decorative paint projects. Explore detailed guides, tips, and best practices to achieve beautiful and durable decorative finishes. From choosing the right colors and materials to mastering application techniques and surface preparation, our technical advice section offers valuable insights for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Ensure your decorative projects are completed to the highest standards with our expert advice. Visit regularly to stay updated on the latest decorative technical recommendations and solutions.

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Levis Isoprim Paint Primer Absorption-inhibiting and stain-insulating (nicotine, soot, moisture,...) opaque primer

What is the difference between Stain-blocking paint, Moisture regularing paint, Vapor-permeable paint and Waterproof Paint?

In the construction and renovation industry, various specialized paint types exist, each designed to address specific issues such as nicotine stains, moisture regulation, vapor permeability, and moisture protection. Below is a detailed discussion of these […]

Environmentally Friendly Paint

Discover everything about Eco Label Paint, BREEAM certification, and organic paint, including criteria, standards, and benefits for sustainable building practices.

Environmentally friendly paint
How to paint a concrete floor step by step guide

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Paint a Concrete Floor

Transform your space with our step-by-step guide on painting a concrete floor. Achieve professional results with our detailed instructions and tips!

Step-by-Step Guide to Perfectly Painting Your Walls

Transform your home with our step-by-step guide to perfectly painting your walls. Learn essential tips for preparation, priming, and applying paint like a pro.

All you need to paint your wall
Levis chalk paint bedroom

Understanding Levis Ambiance Chalk Effect Paint Uses

Explore the versatile uses of Levis Ambiance Chalk Effect Paint, perfect for furniture makeovers, accent walls, creative DIY projects, and sustainable upcycling.

How to Paint Stairs: Step-by-Step Guide

Paint stairs with 1 or 2 component paint?

Paint stairs
Paint tiles in kitchen or bathroom

How to Paint Tiles: Step-by-Step Guide

Paint tiles in your kitchen or bathroom?

Levis color tester – Test your color first!

Before you start painting, seeing the real paint color on the wall: that gives confidence.


How to Paint a Wooden Door


Choose the right brush & roller for the job!

With many generic types of paints, substrates and brush and rollers, it can be difficult to be sure what brush or roller to choose for the job.

Choose the right brush or roller