September 2nd, 2021 by . Posted in Tech Advice Deco, Technical Advice

Water-based varnishes or solvent-based lacauers for my window frames, which one is best?

The question we ask ourselves, what do solvent-based or synthetic lacquers such as a Trimetal Permaline type lacquer do better than a water-based lacquer such as the Trimetal Permacryl lacquers?

Some facts:

  • There is of course no doubt that water-based lacquers such as Trimetal Permacryl are better for the environment, the health and safety of the user compared to, for example, the solvent-based or synthetic Trimetal Permaline lacquers.
  • Despite the fact that the solvent-based or synthetic Trimetal Permaline lacquers have a nicer flow and gloss during and after use, the water-based Trimetal Permacryl lacquers have a better UV resistance, and therefore better gloss retention and long-term color stability.
  • The risk with solvent-based or synthetic lacquers such as Trimetal Permaline is also higher than with the water-based Trimetal Permacryl lacquers.
  • Water-based Trimetal Permacryl lacquers can be applied over existing water-based and solvent-based or synthetic lacquers. The solvent-based or synthetic Trimetal Permaline lacquers are in most cases not recommended to paint over water-based acrylic lacquers, with the risk of detachment. Do you know whether your window frames have previously been painted in water-based or solvent-based lacquer?
  • WOOD Live outside! Sun and rain, wind and weather. Does the wood move? The water-based Trimetal Permacryl lacquers are more breathable, slightly more flexible and therefore more suitable for wood that is not dimensionally stable. Synthetic Trimetal Permaline lacquers, and even more so the Polyurethane or PU versions, are slightly stiffer or less flexible, and therefore have a greater risk of cracking if the wood starts to live or is not dimensionally stable. Do you know whether the wood you paint is dimensionally stable?

In short, with waterborne Trimetal Permacryl systems you achieve an equally beautiful result, with less risk, in a safer, healthier and environmentally friendly way. Isn’t it time to put aside the old habits or misconceptions that solvent-borne technology is better?

Have a look after this beautiful villa was recently painted in Halle Schilde Belgium with Trimetal Permacryl Satin in Ral 7021, before and after! Looks nice right?