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Carboline Perlifoc HP @ Crescent Tower complex near Formula 1 circuit, Baku,  Azerbajan

Carboline supplies Pyrolite and Perlifoc HP fireproofing mortars to the Crescent Tower Complex, next to the Formula 1 circuit, in Azerbajan Baku.

The Perlifoc HP Mortar is a gypsum-based product, intended for passive fire protection in structural elements. It has a low density due to the use of new light loads, making it a high performance mortar. It also has thermal insulation properties.

In relation to the structural elements, Perlifoc HP can be used to protect steel structures (columns, beams and hollow sections), concrete structures (beams, columns, slabs and walls) and mixed concrete floors and firewall strips.

This mortar provides a fire resistance of up to 240 minutes (R 240) depending on the structural element to be protected.

Did you know that we now have Perlifoc HP Eco + that stands out for its CRADLE2CRADLE certificate, which facilitates obtaining points in the LEED, BREEAM & WELL certifications.

At Paintdeals, as Carboline distibutor we are dedicated to passive fire protectionmanufacturing and distributing fireproofing mortars, intumescent paints, panels, blankets for duct protection and installation passage systems.

Our main objective is to protect buildings, warehouses and homes from both personal and material damage caused by fire.