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Intershield 300

<0.1% corrosion after 15 years in service

What is Intershield 300?

Intershield 300 is a pure aluminum, 2 component, phenalkamine cured, abrasion resistant epoxy coating.

Intershield 300 was first launched by International Paint Marine Coatings in 1992.

Where can Intershield 300 be used?

As it is a universal primer, it can be used on virtually all areas of the ship. These would include:

  1. Hull topside and below the waterline
  2. Decks
  3. Superstructures such as living quarters, deck, accommodation and bridge
  4. Cargo Tanks
  5. Water ballast tanks
  6. Crude Oil Tanks
  7. Hatch coaming, bulwark
  8. Void spaces
  9. Cofferdam

What testing and certification does Intershield 300 have?

There is too many to list, but the ones outstanding are:

  2. Norsok M-501 Offshore
  3. ISO 12944 C5M and Cx for Marine and Offshore environments, >25 years durability
  4. DNV B1 over pre-rusted substrates

Why is Intershield 300 considered as the best anti-corrosive primer in the Marine industry?

The proven track record since 1992 speaks for itself. After use on over 20.000 Marine ships and offshore structures, Intershield 300 has time after time again proven <0.1% corrosion after 15 years in service on the most aggressive corrosive areas such water ballast tanks and cargo oil tanks.

International Paint Marine Coatings Intershield 300 in Ballast tanks

Watch the following video’s and read the inspection reports

Intershield 300 after 15 years in service on MV Elerante in Ballast Tanks (1995 – 2010) (VIDEO)

MV Elerante Inspection Report after 15 years in service in Ballast Tanks

MV Samco Raven Inspection Report after 15 years in service on Cargo Oil Tanks