COATING SYSTEM – Hull topside – Inland Shipping – Black stays Black

Recognised as “Best in Class” primer system for on board maintenance;

Black topcoat is colour stable and UV resistant. Black stays black!


Moisture Cure Urethane

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Stelpant-PU Zinc is available in red grey and grey, and can be topcoated with:

  1. Stelpant-MICA UV colour on decks, bulwark, hatch coming and external hull topsides/flanks where UV resistant colour is required
  2. Interthane 990 two component PU if higher aesthetic finish is desired
  3. Stelpant-Combination 300 for immersion & splash zone areas in standard (light) colours (non-UV resistant)
  4. Stelpant-Combination 500 for high impact and abrasion areas such cargo tanks and decks (as an intermdiate or non-UV resistant finish)
  5. Intershield 300 in cargo tanks when aluminum colour finish is desired

Stelpant-PU Zinc is the only true surface tolerant one component zinc rich primer, yet more durable then 2 component primers. Compatible with both 1 & 2 component coatings, and its suitability for immersion and non-immersion areas makes this primer system truly universal. The moisture cured technology cures fast at low temperature, tolerates damp substrates at the time of application, and can be exposed to rain or even immersion 30min after application.

Stelpant-PU Zinc has exceptional adhesion, and has proven >30 years outstanding performance, even when applied directly over tight rust. The high elongation and flexibility which is natural to the technology make the system extremely resistant to impact and abrasion on decks, cargo holds and external hull topsides/flanks.

As it is a 1 component product, but with higher durability compared to 2 component coatings, the user has all the benefits of a 1 component avoiding mixing errors and waste, but still gets exceptional quality assurance.


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Weight 50 kg

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1 component, 2 component


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Surf M&R

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Surf Prep Nieuw Staal


Coating, lining of PFP





Soort product


Detailed information about COATING SYSTEM – Hull topside – Inland Shipping – Black stays Black

Intended usesTopsides of inland ships
Min. DFT150 µm
Typical DFT250 µm
Min. application temp.-5°C
ChemistryMoisture Cure Urethane


Product name Document name Document type Language Download
COATING SYSTEM – Hull topside – Inland Shipping – Black stays Black PDS Stelpant PU-Zinc Product Data Sheet English Download
COATING SYSTEM – Hull topside – Inland Shipping – Black stays Black PDS Stelpant Mica-UV Product Data Sheet English Download


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