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Who is International Paint?

Distributed by PaintDeals in Belgium & Netherlands to the inland shipping industry.

PaintDeals offers a wide range of marine coatings, primarily from AkzoNobel, such as the world leading Marine coatings brand International Paint. International Paint is well known and trusted by most shipowners and shipyards around the world, with legacy products such as Intershield 300 universal epoxy primer paint, Interthane 990 Polyurethane colour topcoat, or various antifouling paints.

International Paint, founded in the 19th century, is actually the inventor of antifouling, now used around the world in dry docking ship maintenance to paint the bottom of boats and ships, usually over Intergard 263 epoxy primer tie coat.

Another field where International Paint supplies class leading products, is coatings for highly abrasive exposure, such as coating on decks with Interbond 201 epoxy primers, or in cargo holds with Intershield 803 abrasion resistant epoxy primer.

Other classics for general maintenance of topsides, engine rooms, living quarters, etc. are the one component alkyd paints, such as Interprime 198 anti corrosive primer, or Interlac 665 UV resistant colour topcoat. More recently, AkzoNobel International Paint also released a global product range for on board maintenance, under the name of Interstore, such as Interstore epoxy primer, or Interstore alkyd primers. Even more durable single component coatings are the well known vinyl primers, such as Intertuf 203, and the alternatives to coloured chlorinated rubber paint, such as Intersheen 579.

Specifically for the inland shipping industry, AkzoNobel International Paint has released Intergard 362 epoxy primer finish. This is a one pot system, surface tolerant or applicable directly to tight rust, that has excellent corrosion resistance applied in 2 coats, and good colour stability for an epoxy primer finish. This is a relatively low cost solution, that also has the capability to cure fast in winter time.

International Paint has also established a global foot print in the Protective Coatings industry, delivery advanced and innovative technological solutions, such as heat resistant paint such as Interbond 2340UPC phenalkamine cured advanced phenolic epoxy, or Interbond 1202UPC as a single coat solutions covering a wide temperature range up to 650C, preventing atmospheric corrosion, as well as corrosion under insulation.

AkzoNobel International Paint is also market leader offering a wide range of chemical resistant tank lining coatings under Ceilcote, Enviroline and Interline brands, as well as Passive Fire Protection solutions under the Chartek brand.

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